Tristan Starr, AI Technician, B.Sc.Agr (Hons)

Reproductive problems in the stallion can be divided into two sections, reproductive behaviour and reproductive disorders. Obviously, the first is caused by adverse behaviour of the stallion, and reproductive disorders are typically due to anatomical problems in the stallion. Any stallion presented with reproductive problems should be evaluated and examined prior to the beginning of the breeding season to ensure maximum fertility.

The purpose of a reproductive examination is to assess the stallion's ability to get a mare in foal and to identify probable causes of fertility problems. Relevant reproductive history such as previous fertility figures for mares, number of services per conception, number of services per foaling, behaviour at service and any previous reproductive examinations will aid the assessor in finding a cause for the problem.

Tristan Starr, AI Technician, B.Sc.Agr (Hons)

The main aim of horse breeders every year is to achieve healthy, live foals from their broodmares. However, some broodmares have conception failures and pregnancy losses that result in the mare entering the next breeding season empty or barren. This proves very costly to the commercial horse breeders and heart breaking to the hobby breeder.

Presuming the stallion had normal fertility and the mares were managed effectively the cause could be put down to irregular mare sub fertility. Generally, this is caused by age related genital tract disease, obstetric injuries, poor reproductive conformation or abnormalities in the cycle activity of the mare.

Tristan Starr, AI Technician, B.Sc.Agr (Hons)

Thirty years ago, artificial breeding was an unfamiliar term reserved only for scientific research. Today, it offers new opportunities and has infinite potential for a broad range of breeders. Artificial technologies are not limited to artificial insemination, in fact, there are a number of versatile artificial breeding techniques to suit the individual needs of breeders and owners.

For many of us involved with breeding horses, the safe delivery and maintenance of a healthy foal are the ultimate goals. Although nature can interfere with this objective, good management practices increase the chances of success. Good management involves both the mare and the stallion and begins well in advance of conception.

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